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Caydo 24 Pieces 8 Colors Clothing Size Dividers Round Hangers Closet Dividers with Marker Pen

Quick Overview

Unique colorful: 8 Colors design 3 Pieces of each red orange yellow green blue purple gray pink
Blank Dividers with Marker: write anything by yourself such as color Size Age Clothing categories and so on
Suitable Quantity: 24 pieces clothing dividers is cost-effective products
Premium Material: Durable thick and sturdy flat on both sides easy to write and install
Clever Collocation: Keep your closet in good order help you organize your closet tidily

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United States
Caydo 24 pieces colored round size dividers blank closet clothing rack dividers with marker pen. These clothing dividers are round and completely blank, allowing you to easily write on them with a marker to them as well.


8 Unique colors design, Keep your closet colorful.
24 Pieces clothing dividers in one pack, Can keep your wardrobe and tidy.
Blank dividers and Marker pen, which enable you to write exactly what you want. 

Caydo closet storage system:

Clothing size dividers are a must-have in your home as they help separate clothing and keep them organized, making it easy for you to find the exact size.
Color series: red, green, gray, pink and so on
Size series: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL,XXXL
Age series: 3MO, 6MO, 9MO, 12MO, 18MO, 24MO, 30MO, 2T, 3T, 4T
Clothing series: short sleeve, long sleeve, undershirts, T-shirts, pants, jackets, and so much
Your DIY more application


Material: sturdy plastic
Outside diameter: 3 1/2 inches
Inside diameter: 1 3/8 inches

Package included:

3 x Red Closet Dividers
3 x Orange Closet Dividers
3 x Yellow Closet Dividers
3 x Green Closet Dividers
3 x Blue Closet Dividers
3 x Pink Closet Dividers
3 x Purple Closet Dividers
3 x Gray Closet Dividers
1 x Marker Pen