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Caydo 12 Pieces 8 Inch Embroidery Hoops, Cross Stitch Hoop Ring for Art Craft Handy Sewing

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2019-12-10 00:00:00

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Quantity: 12 pieces 8inch( 20 cm), you can have this abundant quantity of embroidery hoops to decorate you house which is enough and perfect to craft project, home decoration and dream catchers@Material: Made of high-quality bamboo, which is environmental and durable, it has been sanded smoothly without any burr in order to make each hoop to handle and safe to your hand@Multipurpose usage: Not only for embroidery, needlecraft and quilting, you can also use it for wall decoration, wedding decoration, garlands, Christmas ornaments@Easy operation: The embroidery hoops have a brass adjustment screw that can be tightened to keep the fabric as tight as a drum@Cost-efficient: 12 pieces bamboo embroidery hoops is high-quality and exquisite, it is really a good gift for your friends, children, lovers and family members

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Caydo 12 pieces 8 inch bamboo embroidery hoops, cross stitch embroidery hoops for Art Craft Handy Sewing and handicraft

Material: Natural bamboo
Size: 8inch/20cm

How to use:
1. Loosen the outer screw, lay flat the inside hoop, put the fabric on the hoop, then put the outer hoop on the inside hoop
2. Flat the cloth and tighten the screw
3. Continue to flat the cloth to ensure there is no pleat, and pay attention to fabric to make the warp and the welt both vertical and horizontal, and finally tighten the screws
4. Check the hoop whether it is tight enough or not. The way to check the tightness is to use a needle with thread going through the fabric surface. It is workable if there is a bang bang sound when pulling the thread

Package included :
12 x 8 Inch Embroidery Hoops