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Caydo Full Range of Embroidery Kit with LED Light Box, Instruction, Embroidery Cloth with Pattern, 100 Color Threads and Cross Stitch Tool Kit

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2019-05-25 00:00:00

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Valuable Set: The most complete beginner embroidery kit is equipped with all the tools you use for embroidery. Just with this kit, you can finish a nice embroidery@A4 LED Light Tablet Box Pad: Three levels to adjust brightness, we provide a brighter light box than the ordinary version, you can choose according to your needs. Just touch sensor switch design, turn on/off. Your design will be beautifully illuminated for quick and easy work@Common Size(approx.): 12 by 18-inch aida, embroidery hoop use dimensions: 6.1 inch (15.5 cm), 6.7 inch (17 cm), 7.8 inch (20 cm), 9 inch (23 cm), 10.2 inch (26 cm); Material of embroidery hoop: Natural bamboo@Package Content: 1pc LED light box, 1pc USB cable,5pcs bamboo embroidery hoops, 100 color threads, 2pcs 50*50 cm Cotton and linen embroidery cloth, 1pc embroidery cloth with pattern,1pack water-soluble pens, 1pc pincushion, 1pcs measuring tape, a Instructions and a cross stitch tools kit@Precious Gift: Enjoying the DIY embroidery process, completing the work with love and give it as a gift to your family or friend, that will be a meaningful experience

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Caydo Full Range of Embroidery Starter Kit with Bamboo Embroidery Hoops, 100 Color Threads, LED light box, Cotton Aida Cloth, an Embroidery Cloth with Pattern, Cross Stitch Tool Kit for Beginners

The water-soluble pens including 5 color, cartridges - red, rose red, blue, green, purple, suitable for DIY painting on the embroidery cloth. After finishing the embroidery, soak the embroidery in warm water about 20 minutes, then wash the embroidery slightly to remove the marks and patterns.

How to use:  
1.Open the light-emitting board, adjust to the brightest, put the pattern you want to embroider on the light-emitting board, then put the embroidery cloth on it, and use the Embroidery Transfer Pen to eliminate the brush on the canvas. 
2.Unscrew to release the inner hoop, place your chosen fabric over the inner hoop then lock into place with the top hoop and screw in to tighten.  

How to adjust the tension:  
1.There is a brass adjustment screw on the embroidery hoop which you can tighten when necessary to keep the fabric as tight as a drum.
2.As a result, the fabric can be stretched drum taut and stays that way during the process. You do not have to constantly pull the sides of the fabric to tighten.

Package Included: 
1 x LED light box
5 x Embroidery Hoops
100 x Cross Stitch Threads
2 x Cotton and linen embroidery cloth
1 x embroidery cloth with pattern(1 English instruction; 2 embroidery needles and 12 colored floss)
10 x 22# Embroidery Needles
10 x 24# Embroidery Needles
10 x 26# Embroidery Needles
12 x Floss Bobbins
1 x Water-Soluble Pen(The traces of water-soluble pen can be erased with water.)
4 x Cross Stitch Needle-Threading Tools
1 x Measuring Tape (Random color)
1 x Pincushion, 2 x Scissors
1 x Thimble,1 x Untwist Tool
1 x Instructions