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Caydo 20W LED UV Screen Printing Exposure Light and Light Stand with Instruction for Screen Printing Exposing Images and Cyanotypes

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2022-09-29 00:00:00

Quick Overview

【Easy Installation】The screen printing light kit includes an instruction manual, a 20W LED UV lamp, and an adjustable and retractable light stand. LED lights can be easily installed according to the instructions, are easy to store, and do not take up space@【Stable Base】The anti-slip device under the base makes the stand firm and reliable and can be placed on the table or on the ground to achieve use in different scenarios. The size of the lamp is 7.8inch/20cm and the filament length is 7.87inch/20cm@【Retractable and Adjustable Angle Stand】The height and angle of the screen printing exposure lamp can be adjusted according to specific needs, just turn the button, the rod can be tilted or retracted, the maximum adjustable length is 19 inches/48 cm, fully meet your different height Requirements; the lamp holder can be adjusted to meet your needs from different angles@【Ultraviolet Exposure】With remote control switch, easy to use. The screen printing lamp has a wavelength of 395nm, high-quality lamp beads with stable performance, and long service life, which helps to shorten the curing time of the photosensitive emulsion, the exposure time is about 10-12 minutes, depending on the thickness of the emulsion coating@【Wide Range of Application】The screen printing exposure light is not only suitable for traditional screen printing, but also for cyanotypes@【Note】If the required adjustment angle is too large, it is recommended that you stabilize the base with books and other heavy objects to prevent the support from tipping@【Note】Cyanotype printing requires a single exposure time of no more than half an hour. If there is a need for multiple consecutive exposures, the lamp needs to be allowed to cool down before use

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Caydo Exposure Light 20W LED UV Screen Printing Exposure Light and Adjustable Light Stand for Screen Printing Exposing Images

Color: Black
Size(approx.): The size of the light is 7.8inch/20cm
Power: 20W
Light Wavelength: 395nm
Package weight: 0.9kg

Product includes:
1 x UV Screen Printing Exposure Light 
1 x Adjustable and Retractable Lamp Stand
1 x Instruction

Wide Application:
1. The screen printing exposure lamp is not only suitable for traditional screen printing, but also for blueprinting
2. The light stand is easy to install and can be adjusted to meet your different needs. It can be folded and stored if you don't need it.

the drying time depends on the temperature and the photo emulsion: 1. If it is air-dried naturally and the weather is good, it may take 4 hours, but it may take 8 hours or even longer if the weather is bad. 2. The thickness and preparation of the photo emulsion, and the drying degree of the photo emulsion are the influencing factors, You can use it with our UV exposure lamp to shorten the photo emulsion curing time.